Steel Sideload Containers MSD 2400L-3200L

Steel Containers are designed to withstand high mechanical stress. Galvanization process on our bins provides anti-corrosion protection and ensure a long lifespan. HIGH-quality deep pressed steel plates keep the structural integrity of whole steel bin and give it stability.

Technical details

Capacity: 2400L and 3200L

According to European Norm: EN 12574 – 1/2/3

  • Construction in conical shape
  • Steel plates pressed in shape that withstands more mechanical stress
  • Hot dip galvanized, for maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Easy dumping process thanks to conical shape
  • Dumping process is performed by single operative and garbage truck
  • A container is resistant to fire and Vandals


  • Lid with can be opened from two sides (Symmetrical lid),
  • Front or rear loading and dumping
  • Easy bulk waste loading thanks to wide lid
  • A material used is construction: aluminum
  • Gas springs for extra light opening
  • Available constructions: flat, bottles, cans and paper loading


  • Additional electrostatically powder coat, for corporate identification.
  • Easy and safe opening with a Pedal lever

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Dumpster sketch