Metal waste equipment and systems
Green City International

Founded in 2013. in Belgrade, company’s main business activities are manufacturing, selling and servicing of metal and steel waste containers, waste management equipment and systems. Covering a complete range of metal waste containers as well as skip containers, abroll containers, litter bins, transfer stations, etc, Green City International is becoming one of the leaders in the waste equipment industry.

Steel Bins 120 240 360 liter

Steel Bins 120/240/360L

Steel Bins 660L - 770L

Steel Bins 660-770L

Steel Bin 1100L

Steel Bins 1100L

Steel bins - 1100L hybrid

Steel Bin MSH 1100L

Steel bins with dome lid

Steel Bins MSD 1100L

Metal and Plastic Lids

Metal & Plastic Lids

Out Door Cleaning Trolley

Outdoor Cleaning Trolley

Cast Iron Ground Litter Bins

Cast Iron Ground Litter Bins

Post Mounted Litter Bins

Post Mounted Litter Bins